Supervised Robotic Surgery Is Possible – WOW

Supervised Robotic Surgery Is Possible - WOW

The surgeons and scientists who work at Sheikh Zayed Institute for Pediatric Surgery Innovation For Children’s National Health System are the first to ever demonstrate that robotic surgery that is autonomous and supervised can indeed take place. This demonstration took place for soft tissue surgery on a live human being using Vivo Robotics. It is indeed a very possible feat, in a live surgical setting, and is something that did outperform the standard when it comes to delivering clinical techniques in a clinical setting that is dynamic.


We've come so far sir! Robotics in Surgery ? Wow!
We’ve come so far sir! Robotics in Surgery ? Wow!

This study on this amazing surgery demonstration was published in the Sciene Translational Medicine today. What does it report? It details the results that were obtained from the soft tissue surgeries that were carried out on porcine tissue that wasn’t movable and on live pigs using just the surgical technology that was done by the use of proprietary robotic surgical techniques. The STAR Robot technology was under development at Children’s National. What makes this robotic surgical procedure so great is clear. It totally doesn’t require a surgeon’s hands to do the procedure at all. The surgeon serves only as the supervisor as the robot does the actual surgery itself. What the STAR Robot system does is to plan out the soft tissue suturing and then it is performed under the watchful eye of the surgeon standing by.


What exactly are soft tissues? They are the tissues that do make up, and connect, all of the surrounding structures and other organs of the human body. They also serve to support them just as much too. Some of these soft tissues do include tendons, skin, ligaments, muscles, and much more. There are presently about 44.5 million surgeries involving soft tissues that are done in the United States on an annual basis.


“What our proud results do reveal, as well as, does demonstrate is one thing. This thing is that autonomous robots can indeed improve these surgical techniques on all fronts. The outcome for soft tissue surgeries are excellent,” explained Dr. Peter C. Kim. Dr. Kim is the Vice President, as well as, the Associate Surgeon Chief at Sheikh Zayed Institute of Pediatric Surgical Innovation.


Despite the fact that robotic assisted type surgery has been on the rise in healthcare places and settings. However, it is not something which has been done with soft tissue surgery as of yet, and due to the promising results of this demonstration. Nonetheless, currently, any form of soft tissue surgery is still done manually and by human surgeons. The reason being that many soft tissue surgeries do often require many adjustments. Nevertheless, this demonstration by Vivo Robotic Surgery is sort of opening minds up further, and may even make the possibility of soft tissue surgery an option for more Vivo robots to handle.